Everyone loves the view of the beach where the sky meets the water. Many especially in the weekends would travel far from inland to these beaches to enjoy a day of sunbath, the white sand and the salty feel of the water. Some would just like the feel of calmness when they look out into the sea seeing the fleet of ships embracing the love of nature waters, not forgetting the sights of seabirds gracing above them.

Admiring those who stay close near beaches whom many scientists around the world believe are healthier and happier. Are there any true hardcore facts about this?

There are reports showing that the link between living near the coast and good health was strongest in the most economically deprived communities.

Study lead author Dr Ben Wheeler said: ‘We know that people usually have a good time when they go to the beach, but there is strikingly little evidence of how spending time at the coast can affect health and well-being.

‘By analysing data for the whole population, our research suggests that there is a positive effect, although this type of study cannot prove cause and effect.’

Researchers looked at the proportion of people who reported their health as being ‘good’, rather than ‘fairly good’ or ‘not good’ and then compared this with how close those respondents lived to the coastline.

Why when one feels down in life that she usually alone visits the seaside beach and not other places where she could find tranquility? Have you not heard times and many of these? The only one reason is being at the beach one could instantly connect the tempo sounds of nature with her inner self trying to seek and find calmness. The selection of colours at the time of soul searching swirl around the nature colours of the environment like green, blue, and pure white, and these colours incidentally or not are found by the seaside beaches.
Why one would also turn to the water flowing sound healing? The flowing water creates current energy which will usually caste positivity to one who receives.

Living near beaches not only allows one to access easily the nature of colours and the positive energy but also openness of space. Singapore in particular where land is scarce but surrounded with waters, one who chooses to live by and near beaches is one who is believed to well balance life and enjoy it. It is also prestige to stay close to beaches by and large District 15 (Katong, Marine Parade, Amber Gardens and Amber Park, Telok Kurau, East Coast) the eastern side of Singapore where originally these places very exclusively are designed low-rise and low to mid density. One such place near the beach and also one finds the convenience of accessibility to shopping mall like Parkway Parade, I12 Katong Mall, Katong Shopping Centre, and neighbouring amenities is around Amber Park area near Amber Close and Amber Garden. Not only the local Singapore but also many expatriates are found residing here at Amber Park. Do look out the old Amber Park condo which was sold to City Developments ( CDL ) and Hong Leong Holdings and the consortium developer would then re-develop into a brand new Amber Park (www.amberparkcdl.sg) comprising of 3 towers of 21-storey total 592 1+Study/2/2+Study/3/4/4+Study/Penthouse units. What’s more is the freehold entity that one would enjoy.